How To Use This Site

We run a number of sites about the different regions of France. Property is just one aspect of them.

You can advertise on our sites for FREE. Or write about something to do with France. Or look for a property to buy. Or sell a property. Or sell a car. Or sell your grandmother! In fact you can DO just about whatever you want to on our sites. There are only two conditions: it has to be relevant to France, it has to be kept 'clean'.



If you are a business:

  • Go to the French Regions page.
  • Click on the region(s) in which your business is located. This will take you to one of our regional websites.
  • At the regional website you can write about (ie. advertise) your business. This is FREE to do. No need to register either.

We will do the rest and set-up links back to this site at a later date.

If you are an individual:

This site is basically a reference site for you. Anything you need to know about French property can (or will be) be found on this site. You can navigate your way around the site by means of the Tags (on the left of your screen) or by means of the Contents page here or by trial-and-error!


  • You can also visit the French Regions page and click on a link to one of our regional sites. On the regional sites you will find much more information about that region
  • Also, once on the regional pages, you can write a page - if you want to - on any topic relevant to that region.
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