How Much Does It Cost

Purchase Costs & Fees

In addition to the purchase price you have to pay the notaire’s fees.

In addition to his fees, if you have bought via an agent or direct via a notaire, you have to pay their commission – although this is normally included in the stated price (indicated on property details by the letters FAI - “frais d’agence inclus”, or “agency fees included”).

Other than the above there are no standard fees or costs involved.

However, you might find you have to pay something for any or all of the following:-

· If you choose to have a survey done, the cost will be up to you to meet.

· If you have a translator and/or legal advisor working on your behalf you will have to pay them.

· If you choose to have a termite search done in an area not recognised as affected.

· If the current owner asks you to reimburse any part of a year’s worth of Property Tax.

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